Customer Experience

What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

Understanding the True Definition of Customer Experience

A Customer Experience (CX) is a Customer’s perception of their rational, physical, emotional, subconscious, and psychological interaction with any part of an organization. This perception affects Customer behaviors and builds memories, which drive Customer Loyalty and affects the economic value an organization generates.

We Have Developed A Customer Experience Definition to Guide Organizations

As pioneers in the field of customer experience we have conducted a great deal of research into what constitutes a “Customer Experience”. Much of this research was focused development of our five bestselling books on the subject. We have also published numerous White Papers and Case Studies, in addition to hosting frequent Webinars and Online CX Training Courses. View all CX Resources.

RICOH Canada experienced a 34 point Net Promoter Score improvement in just 30 months. How did they do it?

Our focus on improving customer experience strategies helps to drive value, reduce cost and build competitive advantage.

How We Can Help

It’s a complex process of understanding your organization’s relationship with your customers. When addressed effectively, customer experience eases customer acquisition, drives customer loyalty and improves customer retention.

Develop a strategic roadmap with Beyond Philosophy

Helping organizations develop CX strategies that deliver results. Learn how to get started.

behavioural journey mapping explained

Undertaking specialized emotionally-based customer research methods we’ve developed in conjunction with some of the world’s most prestigious business institutions. Discover how you can do the same.

customer centricity training

Helping to define how customer-centric the organization is, and how customer-centric it wants to be. Let us show you how to gauge your customer-centricity.

design a cx program

Designing emotionally engaging Experiences. Start designing the next level of your Customer Experience.

measuring customer experience

Measuring the experiences the organization currently delivers. Find the key points to measure your CX.

customer experience philosophy training

Training leaders to become customer experience experts themselves. Start engaging your Senior Leadership.

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