Customer Acquisition

It’s all about Customer Experience.

Why do organizations spend so much money on acquiring customers only to lose them quickly?

A poor customer experience typically is the answer. Customer experience is an intangible asset that adds extraordinary value in ensuring you keep the customers you acquire and improve your customer loyalty, customer retention and customer satisfaction.

The DNA of Customer Experience - How Emotions Drive ValueIn our book “The DNA of Customer Experience; How Emotion Drives Value,” we identified 20 emotions that drive and destroy value. To acquire customers you need to evoke the attention of customer emotions. Your experience needs to be interesting to enable your customer to explore your offer and to stimulate the customer into action. We can statistically prove how these emotions will affect value in your customer experience.

Are you designing you experience in a way that attracts customers? We have had many successes implementing customer experiences and customer retention strategies that deliver true value.

Of course, customer acquisition is only the beginning. Once you have gone to the expense of acquiring customers you need to implement customer retention and customer loyalty strategies.

Building an effective customer experience program can make a world of difference in driving customer acquisition for your organization.

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