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An Inspirational Speaker That Delivers with Practicality and Humor

Colin Shaw conference speaker
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Colin Shaw is an internationally renowned thought-provoking and humorous keynote speaker. As a CX consultant for the past two decades, Colin has helped shape business with his seven bestselling books and thought-leading customer service and marketing podcast, The Intuitive Customer.

Colin’s pragmatic and humorous style is well received by everyone on the team, from your front-line workers to the c-suite executives. Whether your event is an in-person keynote, virtual conference, live streaming, or webinar, Colin will keep your audience engaged. Perhaps most importantly, your audience will learn something practical and applicable.

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Some of Colin’s Motivational Speeches Include:

  • Why Do Customers Say One Thing and Do Another?
  • Wow! The World is Going Crazy! 
  • Don’t Do This! Discovering Hidden Customer Insights in New Places is Critical for Future Success
  • Customer Satisfaction is at 17-Year Low. These Stats Tell You Why
  • How This Incredibly Simple Formula Will Truly Make Customers Say, “WOW!”
  • How to Successfully Change to a Digital Experience and Create ROI

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