Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

What is Journey Mapping?

Organizations promote customer journey mapping as the essential tool to use to realize what your customers want. However, the traditional form of customer journey mapping leaves much of the actual Customer Experience unaddressed. The answer to the question “what is journey mapping?” can only be “an incomplete look at the moments in a customer experience journey.”

Why Journey Mapping is Incomplete

We believe accurate Customer Experience journey mapping needs to address the emotional journey in addition to the step-by-step interaction map. When engaging in a mapping exercise, you must also remember where the customer journey starts and stops, which, incidentally, isn’t the moment the customer first has a direct interaction with you. Furthermore, the rational part of the experience mapping includes only accounts for half of the overall experience. It misses the emotional, subconscious, and psychological influences that create so much of the outcome of your Customer Experience.

Traditional strategies provide only a partial view of what your customers want, leaving the rest of the Customer Experience to chance. Moreover, you miss a tremendous opportunity to build an emotionally engaging Customer Experience that produces the customer loyalty that fuels customer retention.

Beyond Philosophy take it to the Next Level

When it comes to designing an emotionally engaging experience, few tools are as useful as our Behavioral Exercise. We developed this concept in our global Customer Experience Consultancy to take the traditional Journey Map to the next level. To summarize, Behavioral Mapping addresses the emotional moments of an experience, and how these moments in your customer interaction evoke specific emotions and why. It looks at the customer journey from the customer’s point of view, providing insight into the conscious, subconscious, and psychological influences that affect how they feel about the Customer Experience you provide.

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