How To Measure Authentic Customer Emotions In Real Time

by podcast on February 23, 2019

There is a big challenge when measuring customer emotions as you are asking customers how they felt in an experience, as this is done retrospectively, a while after they had the experience. Many times, Customers don’t remember how they felt or, for several reasons, they don’t want to tell you. Using technology, you can now measure customer’s emotions in real time! Critically you can measure their AUTHENTIC emotions, i.e: The REAL emotions they are feeling, through the use of micro expressions. These are involuntary, automatic movements the customer makes without even realizing what they are doing.

Measuring customer emotions is vitally important as over 50% of a customer experience is about how a customer feels. The key is the authentic emotions. This appears to be a significant challenge for researcher’s in today’s world, as well as getting Customers to answer surveys in the first place. 



One key area this Authentic Emotion Measurement is being used by more progressive organizations is in digital transformation. They are using this to understand how the customer feels prior to the transformation and then by testing various ways of undertaking the transformation they can determine which has the most benefit before implementation.

Another application is measuring a face-to-face interaction, where the Customer and the employee are both being measured for their emotions. This means you can now understand the emotional interaction between the two parties. Furthermore, this means you can measure the effect of employee training. For example, if an employee is trained on soft skills, what was their customer’s emotions before and after this new training?

This is an exciting new development in measuring customer emotions and in this podcast we delve into this in much greater detail.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about How to Measure Authentic Customer Emotions in Real Time for your Customer Experience.


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podcastHow To Measure Authentic Customer Emotions In Real Time

How Customers Make Complex Decisions In A World of Constraints

by podcast on February 16, 2019

We often discuss the Intuitive and Rational System and how they work together to help customers make decisions. The Intuitive System is automatic and emotional, and the Rational System is deliberate and logical.

What we don’t usually share is that by academic standards, this concept is relatively new. An older theory also explains why we act the way we do as customers, and you need to know about it to promote customer success.

podcastHow Customers Make Complex Decisions In A World of Constraints

How Successful Retailers Win in Endless Disruption

by podcast on February 9, 2019

Organizations do not have the luxury of focusing solely on operations these days. Over the past decade, retail as an industry has changed. To survive, retailers must put the customer at the center of everything they do.

That said, not everyone believes it yet.

podcastHow Successful Retailers Win in Endless Disruption

How to Create A Financial Times Award-Winning Consultancy from Scratch

by podcast on February 6, 2019

Beyond Philosophy won an award named one of the Best Management Consultancy Firms in the UK, by the Financial Times (FT). This was voted on by clients and peers, we couldn’t be more honored or proud.

This bonus episode podcast explores how you can take your idea and turn it into an Financial Times Award-Winning consultancy, too. We share our 10-Step Plan for Success and ask our listeners, what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

podcastHow to Create A Financial Times Award-Winning Consultancy from Scratch

The One Thing You Need to Change

by podcast on February 2, 2019

Psychological theories help explain why people do what they do. As customer experience consultants we believe when you are working on a Customer Experience strategy psychological theory is crucial to understanding the behavior of your customers.


However, psychology is unlike other sciences; it isn’t exact. In fact, you might have to consider much of what psychology tells us is provisional, an impermanent hypothesis that explains what many people do most of the time. Just not all the time.

podcastThe One Thing You Need to Change

The BIG Dangers For ‘Customer Experience’ in 2019 – Expert Debate

by podcast on January 26, 2019

The Customer Experience Industry is suffering from a lack of results. Or perhaps it might be more accurate to say, it is suffering from a lack of proof about the results Customer Experience strategy is getting. It is time for all Customer Experience professionals to champion the ROI of their Customer Experience.


The problem is many of our champions do not know how.


podcastThe BIG Dangers For ‘Customer Experience’ in 2019 – Expert Debate