colin shaw inside information business podcastsTake your Customer Experience to the next level by listening to these business podcasts. The Intuitive Customer podcast, is one of the top Customer Experience podcasts available today and has received a number of great endorsements. Hosted by Colin Shaw, who is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on Customer Experience and Professor Ryan Hamilton, who teaches Consumer psychology at Emory University this is a great Marketing podcast.

In an easy to understand Customer service podcast that is engaging and sometimes humorous, Colin and Ryan break down why customer behave in the way they do and what you need to do improve. Colin and Ryan break this into bite size chunks. We look at how you can improve your Customer experience and we show that this needs to be achieved in 4 ways. By understanding the rational experience: This is what Customer’s do, the actions I take. For example clicking on a buy button on the website. Ordering a service over the phone etc. We then examine a part of the Customer experience that is often overlooked, the emotional experience. We look at how customers feel and discuss what emotions drive most value during an experience. Next in our business podcasts we examine the Subconscious experience. This is all the hidden messages which a customer receives from an organization, subconsciously, without being aware of them. For example, a bank puts pens on chains, which says they don’t trust you. Finally we have the psychological experience. This embraces the new area of Behavioral economics. This is where we can truly understand why customers behave in the manner they do and how we can use behavioral economics to improve your customer experience.

This Customer podcast looks at why Customers behave in the way they do? Why are Customers are irrational? In an engaging and insightful podcast ‘The Intuitive Customer’ you will learn how to embrace the new science of behavioural economics and take your Customer Experience to the next level.

How To Ensure Your Customers Buy From You Habitually?

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Do you want your customers to buy your product or service over and over again? If you do, you need them to form a habit. Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton discuss how and why are habits formed. What can we do to discover customer’s habits and change them to our advantage?

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podcastHow To Ensure Your Customers Buy From You Habitually?

How to Avoid Customer Defection

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All too often organizations suddenly see customers leave and have no idea this was going to happen. Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton discuss how can you tell when a customer is going to leave you…and what can you do about it.

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podcastHow to Avoid Customer Defection