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Customer Experience Essentials – CEM Certification Course


Derek Blackburn
The Customer Experience (CX) Essentials training is designed to provide you with the essentials you need to understand to improve your CX.
These are live events streamed to the palm of your hand (or to your computer!), by the world renowned CX experts. If you are unable to attend an event, it is recorded for you to view at your leisure.

“Insightful and inspirational course that has enhanced my knowledge of customer
experience and allowed me to start applying in my role, a really worthwhile investment
in your learning.”
Sally Rogan, RBS


Training Dates:

Dates will be agreed with you meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss.




“Beyond Philosophy was established in 2002. We are the original pioneers of the concept of Customer Experience. We have helped thousands of organizations improve their Customer Experience. In these courses we share with you the accumulated knowledge we have built up over this time and give you the essentials of CX and explain what to do and not to do.
We have learnt the hard way, so you can learn the easy way! We stream live, right to the palm of your hand so you can join in no matter where you are.”

Colin Shaw, Founder & CEO Beyond Philosophy


“Beyond Philosophy are leaders in the field of customer experience, their training courses are well designed and extremely relevant to all who recognise the importance of excellent service in this increasingly digital world.“
Miles Courtney Thomas, International Baccalaureate


The program will cover the following subject areas:


  1. An online self-assessment survey that benchmarks you against other organizations. This enables you to understand how well you are doing and the areas you need to focus on. We use this information to customize the event and focus on key aspects for improved learning. We also provide pre-course reading.



  1. What is the definition of Customer Experience (CX) & Customer Experience Management (CEM)? How this differs from Customer Service.
  2. An outline of the rational, emotional, subconscious and psychological experience and why they are important. Why over 50% of a Customer’s Experience is about emotions.
  3. What do most organizations overlook?
  4. The secret to building a great Customer Experience.



  1. How to set a CX strategy
  2. What are the 7 key strategic questions critical to building a successful Customer Experience program?
  3. Why are these important & how do you go about answering these questions?



  1. How Customer Centricity affects your Customer Experience.
  2. How Customer centric is your organization? Introducing the Naive to Natural model.
  3. The nine areas that drive customer centricity.



  1. What measures should you be using?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these measures? What is right for you?
  3. What Listening Posts should be established?



It’s simple, Beyond Philosophy has helped to shape the whole Customer Experience industry. From our first book in 2002, Building Great Customer Experiences and our subsequent five books, our CX concepts have become industry standard. Our experience is vast and we share this with you in a very practical way.
We also set homework in between these modules to reinforce learning and make these sessions more practical for you.


The main purpose of our CX Essentials course is to provide you with an understanding of the ‘essentials’ you need to know, the right questions to ask and frameworks and templates to help you get off to a great start. If you cannot make an event, simply watch the recording later. We will also set homework in between these modules to reinforce learning and make these sessions more practical for you.


“Thank you Beyond Philosophy for such a convenient & enlightening training program! Having an accessible online course with the opportunity to engage with the presenters & offering the added value to revisit each module via the recordings is perfect!”
Meltem Sahin, Turkcell



  1. All the essentials to get you started on improving your CX.
  2. An advanced look at what a CX really is about.
  3. The rational, emotional, subconscious and psychological experience.
  4. How to design a CX Strategy.
  5. The various CX measures that you can use and their advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Learn the concepts that underpin the Customer Experience and know how to improve them.
  7. Learn how to design a Customer Experience strategy.
  8. Understand a method to assess how customer centric you are and what you need to change.
  9. Understand Beyond Philosophy’s leading model and templates to aid in the implementation process.
  10. Obtain official recognition for your expertise that you can use in your career and help in further progression.



This certification course is designed for people who want to understand the essentials of CX.
This can include the following and many more…

  1. Any Customer Experience professional
  2. Customer Experience executives
  3. Customer Service professionals
  4. CRM professionals, Brand & Insight professionals
  5. Marketing & Sales professionals
  6. Customer loyalty professionals
  7. Customer intelligence professionals


Bring your colleagues with you to the event.
By attending together, you and your colleagues will build internal expertise within your organization. Each course will have a limited number of spaces available to ensure optimum interactivity, therefore these are arranged on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Terms And Conditions

If you are not satisfied with this training, and send an email outlining your dissatisfaction within 30 days of the last module, you will receive a full refund.
Full payment must be made prior to the program and registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

All materials obtained during the program are strictly for attendees’ educational purposes. Beyond Philosophy owns the copyrights of the program materials and no reproductions are allowed without the prior written consent of Beyond Philosophy.
If, in the unlikely event, a program is undersubscribed, the training has to be cancelled and a full refund will be arranged within 30 days of the cancellation.

Beyond Philosophy will not be liable for any other registrant’s expenses resulting from the program cancellation.

Device Availability

Course Outline

WK#CX Essentials AgendaDuration
Self-Assessment - Understand where you are today with this-required-pre-course work to ensure participation success. To be taken prior to April 12th.
1What is Customer Experience - The essentials of a rational, emotional, subconscious and psychological experience.1.5 hrs
2How to set a strategy – The Essentials’ Seven Key Strategic Questions.1.5 hrs
3Becoming Customer Centric – Essentials of understanding the link between Customer Centricity and improving your CX.1.5 hrs
4CX measurement – The essentials of CX measurement and what is right for you.1.5 hrs
Certification Exam.
JeanCustomer Experience Essentials – Certification Course