Exciting New Trend: Companies Do Listen To You!

by Colin Shaw on May 25, 2017

The last time I went to an American baseball game, the food cost more than my ticket. And what food it was! A fish sandwich that tasted too fishy to eat. A massive yet strangely bland macaroni and cheese concoction. And a $12 light beer. No wonder I don’t go to the ball park very often.

Apparently, I’m not alone, and it seems that major league baseball is paying attention.

Colin ShawExciting New Trend: Companies Do Listen To You!

Don’t Be Fooled: Digital Will Never Replace Physical!

by Colin Shaw on May 23, 2017

With online shopping, transactions and communication as prevalent – and as easy – as it is today, it can often be tempting to focus most of your Customer Experience efforts on getting your virtual presence right. When many of your customers will engage with you solely on a virtual platform, it can make sense to favor it. However, neglecting your brick-and-mortar experience can lead to inconsistent CX  and online backlash.

So where should you be focusing your CX? Online, or in-store? There’s a case for both.

Colin ShawDon’t Be Fooled: Digital Will Never Replace Physical!

Be warned: Is your data failing you?

by Colin Shaw on May 18, 2017

CX Data platforms are growing in popularity by those that seek to improve their Customer Experiences. These platforms can provide data management intended to optimize the Customer Experience, not only at a general level but also at a personalized level.

It’s one thing to have the tools on hand to improve your Customer Experience (CX) However, a recent study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of DataStax revealed that knowing how to use them is another thing entirely.

Colin ShawBe warned: Is your data failing you?

Revealed: Prepare Your Customers For Next U.S. Credit Crisis

by Colin Shaw on May 16, 2017

According to a recent Bloomberg report, “Wall Street Has Found Its Next Big Short in U.S. Credit Market,” US malls may close down sooner than later. We know that shopping habits are changing, and more consumers are spending money online. With massive overheads and infrastructure maintenance, physical stores are finding it hard to keep their heads above water. They are focusing on increasing their digital footprint and consolidating their digital commerce market share. The thing to bear in mind here is that while consumers are increasingly focusing on online shopping, their spending hasn’t completely converted to the digital space. Right now, they have the choice of both digital and physical stores, but that choice may not last for very long. With malls looking at the writing on the wall, businesses are now focused at effective customer engagement strategies.

Colin ShawRevealed: Prepare Your Customers For Next U.S. Credit Crisis

Are Loyalty Cards Dead?

by Colin Shaw on May 11, 2017

If you’re like me, you have loyalty cards for three different supermarkets, a half dozen airlines, several hotels, a dozen or so assorted retailers and the local frozen yogurt shop.

But how can I be loyal to Florida grocer Publix and also their competitor Winn-Dixie? Can I be loyal to American, United and Delta? To Starbucks and the coffee shop down the street?

Colin ShawAre Loyalty Cards Dead?

Who Wins – Brand Or Customer Experience?

by Colin Shaw on May 9, 2017

Back in 2011, Boston College performed an interesting study involving everyone’s favorite energy drink, Red Bull, and the behavior it evoked in study participants. In brief, the study asked a number of participants to “drive”  a car in a video game and they measured several factors, including speed, power, aggressive behavior and risk-taking. Interestingly, those driving the cars painted with a Red Bull logo consistently drove faster and more aggressively than other participants, apparently because of the subconscious cues delivered by the soft drink’s branding and market personality.

Colin ShawWho Wins – Brand Or Customer Experience?