Revealed: How To Make Loyalty Easy

by Colin Shaw on July 20, 2017

Taking care of your best customers is an age-old concept. It has lasted all these years because it works. Loyalty programs are one of many ways you can do this for these top priority people. When it comes to loyalty programs, you cannot forget certain vital features, and according to a recent report, one of them is easier than you think.

Colin ShawRevealed: How To Make Loyalty Easy

Be Warned! Technology Isn’t Everything

by Colin Shaw on July 18, 2017

In our customer experience consultancy, we spend a lot of time educating people about the components of a great customer experience. Some companies get it and they’re creating an emotional connection that brings them loyal fans.

But many others look to technology. If customers just had a gadget that could do more or electronic kiosks they could play with in the store, or a virtual reality app – well, then the customer experience would be great. But technology alone is never the answer.

Colin ShawBe Warned! Technology Isn’t Everything

Are you Competition Obsessed?

by Colin Shaw on July 13, 2017

If you haven’t read Jeff Bezos’ latest letter to his shareholders, put it on your to-do list pronto. There are many takeaways from his letter, but one that stands out to me most is this: “Obsess over customers, not competitors.”

Most companies are obsessed with their competitors. Their mission statements might suggest that they are dedicated to their customers, but in reality, all they do is constantly check up on what their rivals in business are up to and try to emulate them. Here’s the thing though. What works for their competitors, may not work for them even if they are in the same space. Moreover, it won’t work for their customers. As Bezos pointed out, the key to success is not to copy, match or one-up the rival. It lies in listening to your customer. Amazon listened, every step of the way and this is reflected in all that they do.

Colin ShawAre you Competition Obsessed?

Retailers Resort To Spy Gear To Serve You Better

by Colin Shaw on July 11, 2017

Retailers are using technology used in espionage efforts to remain relevant in today’s online shopping world. Throughout Europe and the U.S., brick and mortar retailers are employing high-tech spy techniques to obtain information about a shopper’s in-store experience—and using it to improve their Customer Experience.

Spy Tech and the Customer Experience

According to the Telegraph, Retailers are using installed technology to learn more about customers’ moment-to-moment experience. It can be motion detection sensors, software, thermal imaging cameras, or cameras hidden on a mannequin. Whatever technology the retailer uses, it is invisible to customers. The technology can read facial expressions, monitor heart rate changes (which could mean there is an emotional response to a stimuli), and detect pupil dilation (which could mean there is interest or, er, sexual stimulation). These physical reactions can be from any number of stimuli, but some examples relevant to the retail experience would be frustration about the inability to find what he or she needs, or feeling deep desire to buy a product or anxiety about the buying decision.

Colin ShawRetailers Resort To Spy Gear To Serve You Better

Why Dreaming Big Isn’t Enough

by Colin Shaw on July 6, 2017

I was shopping for a graduation card the other day, and all of them seemed to say something like this: “Dream big and reach for the stars, your goals are within reach and you are on your way to an amazing future.”

If I was just getting out of school I would find this rather terrifying. I think I’d much prefer a hearty “Congratulations – well done!” instead of a bunch of vaguely inspirational words reminding me how far I had yet to go.

Colin ShawWhy Dreaming Big Isn’t Enough

Miss the Improvements in NPS? It’s Time for THIS

by Colin Shaw on July 4, 2017

For many organizations, the initial improvements in Customer Experience have long since passed. The early gains in Net Promoter Score (NPS) have faded into legend and the NPS now languishes in a plateau, quarter after quarter. Many organizations are scratching their heads wondering, “What now? However, they would be better off asking, “What’s next?”

Colin ShawMiss the Improvements in NPS? It’s Time for THIS