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CEM – Customer Experience Management

What is (CEM) Customer Experience Management?

The True Definition of Customer Experience Management

Defining CEM, Customer Experience Management is not a precise task. What you include in your definition often has a lot to do with where you are on your Customer Experience Journey. Some sales organizations define it as the processes that people use to track their interaction with Customers from start to finish. Others say it is the reactions provided to the interaction with customers designed to exceed their expectations. Some say it is taking control of the interaction with their customers. However, none of these definitions for CEM defines what the role will be for the Customer Experience Manager.

So, What is Customer Experience Management Really?

Without any elaboration, Customer Experience Management is the name given to the process and discipline of delivering a great Customer Experience. What we would add is that it requires a robust examination by the Customer Experience Manager of the current experience they provide, as well as an in-depth understanding of what the most successful Customer Experiences provide. Moreover, it includes the Customer Experience design process, the way you measure success, and, perhaps most importantly, the level of customer centricity you have at your organization.

As CX Consultants, we see that many Customer Experience Managers lack this understanding of the whole Customer Experience Management concept. Additional training on the overall Customer Experience movement is vital to their contribution in their role, as well as an honest look at why the organization produces the experience it does at present. Few organizations have undertaken this training.

We cover many of these essential concepts in our Customer Experience Management training called The Customer Experience Essentials. Designed to provide a Customer Experience Manager with a foundational grasp of Customer Experience concepts needed to produce results for your team, we help you find the right questions to ask about your experience as well as the frameworks to get you started on your path to success.

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