Emotional Experience

What is Emotional Experience?

Understanding the True Definition of Emotional Experience

the intuitive customer book by colin shaw and Ryan HamiltonAre your Customers people? Of course they are and therefore it is vital to understand that emotions drive everything we do, wether this is in Business to Consumer or Business to Business. More than half the typical customer experience is emotional. Just consider this. Everyone wants loyal customers, but what is loyalty? Ask yourself this. Who are you loyal to? Your answer is almost definitely family and friends. Why? Because there is an emotional bond. So understanding the emotions you are evoking in your Customers is vital. Therefore, designing an emotionally engaging experience is vital. Also, understanding that emotions drive most value $ for you.

A quick look at your customer complaints will easily demonstrate just how emotional they can be, yet most organizations ignore this fact and concentrate their experience on the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’.

A well-designed customer experience triggers emotions that have a positive effect on customer retention and customer loyalty. Effectively, a great experience transcends the rational/physical attributes of the literal product (quality, price, delivery, quantity) – or the ‘what’ – and becomes part of the product itself. The irony is that right now your customers are feeling emotions with your customer experience; the issue is that you have no control over them and they are not deliberate. To retain customers and create loyalty you must design an emotionally engaging experience.

But be careful: you must also be specific. There are many emotions that you can be evoked and some destroy value in the customer relationship.

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DNA of customer Experience book by Colin ShawThe DNA of Customer Experience: How emotions drive value. Palgrave MacMillan, 2007 – a seminal book written by Colin Shaw, Founder of Beyond Philosophy, explains how customer emotions drive value to your business. It outlines the fact that all organizations also have an Emotional Signature® that outlines the level of emotional engagement an organization has with its customers. Research conducted for our book shows that there are twenty emotions that drive and destroy value. We can statistically prove the link between these emotions and customer loyalty and customer retention. We can also show the statistical link between these emotions along with the following:

  • How much value each emotion drives for you
  • What effect those emotions have on your brand
  • The impact on your Net Promoter Scores®
  • Overall customer satisfaction.


This applies equally in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments.

Deliver an Emotional Engaging Experience

Once you understand the level of emotional engagement you have with customer and what is driving and destroying value, you can focus on design and delivering an emotionally engaging customer experience using Behavioral Journey Mapping.

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