Customer Experience Statement


Developing a Customer Experience Strategy

We encourage you to ask people in your organization one simple question…

‘What is the Customer Experience we are trying to deliver?’

What you will find is that everyone has a different view. This means everyone will be doing something different and this leads to overlapping priorities and gaps in the experience. This can result in lost opportunities and increased costs. But more importantly the Customer sees and feels these differences and this affects Customer Loyalty.

How do we create a strategy? Developing a Customer Experience Statement

A Customer Experience statement articulates the experience the organization wants to deliver to the Customers. It is vital this experience should be one that drives value $$$! We achieve this by first undertaking an Emotional Signature. Here is an example of a Customer Experience Statement:

Our goal is to create a Customer Experience that drives loyalty so our customers would not choose to go anywhere else. To do this we deliver the following experience:

Our Customers will say they ‘trust us’

We are reliable, consistent and honest

Our Customers would say we ‘value’ them

We think of them in everything we do, we take ownership, we exceed expectations

Our Customers would say we ‘care for’ them

We listen, are proactive and flexible

Finally we then define what the organization must start and stop doing to achieve this.

We recommend that you watch this case study of Maersk Line. You will see how a Customer Experience Statement led to Maersk Line improving their Net promoter Score by 40 points in 30 months which ultimately led to a 10% rise in shipping volumes as a result of this work.

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