Customer Experience Strategies

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

The True Definition of Customer Experience Strategies


Customer Experience Strategies are essential to improving your present experience. Customer Experience Strategies are as varied as the experiences they produce. Choosing one requires you first to ask yourself what kind of Customer Experience you want. Your answer is what we call a Customer Experience Statement (CES).


The CES informs everyone involved what the focal point is and the Customer Experience you want to deliver. It defines the desired effect of your Customer Experience Strategy, including the way you want the customer to feel after the experience. For example, if the CES states you want your Customer Experience to make the customer feel valued, then your Customer Experience Strategy will address the actions needed to make customer feel valued. If it is to make customers feel special, then your plan will work toward producing that emotional outcome.

The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu once said, “Strategy without customer experience strategy consultingtactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” A CES is foundational to creating effective tactics in your Customer Experience Strategy, which is crucial to your success. By asking the right key strategic questions, you can design the tactics to help you achieve success in your Customer Experience improvement efforts on the fast route.

However, even if you have the right tactics identified, all Customer Experience Strategies are ineffective without proper implementation. Your Customer Experience Strategy will guide you through the roll out and address common areas of concern such as:

  • How to build momentum in the organization for your desired experience
  • How to measure your progress toward your goal
  • How to reward success throughout the team

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