LinkedIn have now identified their global top 150 INfluencers in a new service launched on Tuesday October 2, 2012 and I am humbled to be included.

Fast Company states; “the professionals’ social network launched a new publishing platform designed to connect experts and thought leaders in business with a broader audience”. Giving the ability to ‘follow’ influencers across a variety of industries makes the new platform even more engaging for LinkedIn members. “The goal is to get highly influential thought leaders to use LinkedIn to share big ideas and small ideas and tips,” says Daniel Roth, executive editor, LinkedIn.

Forbes says; LinkedIn have picked “a small pool of hand-picked ‘influencers’. These 150 people were selected either for their broad name recognition (Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra) or their cachet within specific industries”.

I am delighted to have been acknowledged as a top 150 influencer and more importantly I am very proud that all the hard work the Beyond Philosophy team has undertaken in pushing the boundaries of thinking and understanding the Customer Experience is now being recognised worldwide.

For us it is all about getting results for our clients. Nothing pleases us more than when one of our clients significantly improves their Customer Experience. Maersk Line, the largest container shipping company in the world is a prime example of this. With Beyond Philosophy’s help they moved their Net Promoter Score® (Customer satisfaction), by 40 points in 30 months. It’s a proud day and it makes all of the effort worthwhile.

When I started Beyond Philosophy in 2002 the subject of Customer Experience was new. My first book ‘Building Great Customer Experiences’, Palgrave MacMillan 2002, was ground breaking and laid the foundation for a whole industry.

Ten successful years on, Beyond Philosophy and the Customer Experience is still going from strength to strength. It has always been important to us to share our thoughts, insights and findings; engaging in every opportunity to convey the message of the importance to creating a great Customer Experience. So many thanks in particular, to Bob Thompson and Customer Think for continuing to provide us with an outlet to share our knowledge.

LinkedIn has identified Colin Shaw as one of the top 150 INfluencers around the world

Colin Shaw is founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, one of the world’s first organizations devoted to customer experience. Colin is an international author of four best-selling books. Beyond Philosophy provide consulting, specialised research & training from offices in Atlanta, Georgia and London, England.

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