NPS – Net Promoter Score


What is your NPS – Net Promoter Score?


The True Definition of a NPS

What is Net Promoter Score and why should you know your NPS ? When it comes to measuring Customer Experience, there is nothing quite as relevant as your organization’s NPS or Net Promoter Score.

Described by the Net Promoter Network as a trusted anchor for your Customer Experience Management Program, the NPS is a score on a scale of 1 to 10 that your customers choose to indicate how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others.

Your Net Promoter Score shows how many loyal and happy customers you have. Those on the high end of the NPS scale, scoring your brand at nine or more, are considered Promoters, or your loyal customers, while those on the low end, which is a score of six or less, are detractors, or unhappy customers. Those who score in between at seven or eight are considered Passives, which indicates they are satisfied customers but not enthusiastic ones.

Building a Strategy to Improve Your NPS Starts with The Pyramid

As global Customer Experience Consultants, we find the Net Promoter Score is an excellent metric for your organization’s Customer Experience. It not only helps you see what you are doing right and with whom, but your net promoter score also provides a report card for your Customer Experience Management Program. Moreover, unlike other metrics for measuring success, an NPS has an emotional element to it, which reinforces how important it is to emotionally engage with your customers.

Any effective Customer Experience Management program needs a strategy. However, an approach separated from the everyday actions taken to perform it will be shaky at best. As Customer Experience Consultants, we recommend a cohesive plan that incorporates your organization in its entirety, with an exact definition of success and metrics to measure it, such as the NPS.

Our Pyramid™ helps you do just that with your strategy and implementation. It addresses these common challenges creating a foundation strengthened by the principles of excellence in Customer Experience Management. It is designed to communicate your goals to your team from top to bottom, defining the standard by which to measure your success.

Learn how our pyramid can help create a cohesive definition of success linked to actions for the team

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