Colin Shaw

Nudges: Make Sure Yours Work!

by Colin Shaw on December 7, 2017

Small changes, or nudges, having a big impact on people’s behavior is one that everyone in the behavioral economic community supports and heralds as the latest great idea. However, this great idea isn’t working for everyone. In particular, nudges don’t seem to be making much headway in medication compliance.

When a patient doesn’t take their medicine properly, doctors call it “noncompliance.” Noncompliance could mean anything from not filling prescriptions to not finishing the prescribed amount of medication to not “taking as directed by their physician.”

Colin ShawNudges: Make Sure Yours Work!

The One MUST-HAVE Every Customer Facing Employee Needs

by Colin Shaw on December 6, 2017

A new study by Calabrio reports that the majority of call center employees don’t feel trained to handle customer problems, making their jobs stressful and demotivating. Chances are your call center employees feel the same way—especially if you train like most companies do.

The new report, “The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era,” revealed that 56% of the 1,000 respondents in the U.K. and U.S. said complicated customer issues are their most significant challenge. Not only that, 60% felt that the company didn’t train them to deal with the problems they encounter and that feeling unprepared makes them feel stressed. Worse yet, they are disengaged as a result and 52% said that their employers aren’t doing enough to turn things around.

Colin ShawThe One MUST-HAVE Every Customer Facing Employee Needs

Shocking! Your Telecoms Company Is About To Get Even Worse!

by Colin Shaw on December 5, 2017

I have two internet service providers, one at my home in Florida and one at my home in the U.K. Both have dragged me through long bouts of customer service purgatory, with missed appointments, lousy modems and just a general “we don’t care about you” mentality.

So when I heard that U.S. Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai proposed eliminating net neutrality rules, my first thought was that my customer experience in Florida is about to get even worse.

Colin ShawShocking! Your Telecoms Company Is About To Get Even Worse!

What the Best Companies Do That Yours Doesn’t!

by Colin Shaw on November 28, 2017

Many companies seeking to improve their Customer Experience (CX) understand the importance of putting the customer at the center of everything they do. Doing it, however, flummoxes them.

Not all companies have this problem though. Those that have excellent experiences, the kind that makes their brand name a household one, demonstrate actual customer-centricity in their CX.

In our global Customer Experience Consultancy, we developed a Customer Experience Assessment model called Naive to Natural to determine a company’s level of customer centricity.  The assessment looks at what parts of your organization are where on the journey toward being Natural, which describes those companies that are most customer- centric. There are nine orientation areas that we use to determine a company’s customer centricity level. They include:

Colin ShawWhat the Best Companies Do That Yours Doesn’t!

Amazing! Customer Relationships are Like Marriage

by Colin Shaw on November 23, 2017

Organizations love to talk about building relationships with customers. The trouble is, most of the time it feels like they’re just paying lip service to the idea.

Was Wells Fargo “building relationships” when it opened all those unauthorized accounts? What about the car dealership that forces you to haggle over price to the point where you don’t even want a new car anymore? These are not the kinds of relationships I want to be a part of!

Colin ShawAmazing! Customer Relationships are Like Marriage

Make It Happen! Keep Your Holiday Shoppers Coming Back

by Colin Shaw on November 21, 2017

It’s mid-November, and that means retailers’ annual holiday promotions are reaching a fever pitch.

Discount department store Kohl’s will kick off Black Friday at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. It plans to encourage spending by offering deep discounts and making it easier for shoppers to see how much they’ll save. Sears, Kmart, Best Buy and Amazon have all also launched aggressive price-cutting campaigns.

Colin ShawMake It Happen! Keep Your Holiday Shoppers Coming Back