Maersk Line

Case Study

Maersk Line is the largest container shipping company in the world with over 500 vessels and 25,000 employees operating out of 325 offices in 125 countries. In 2010 their revenues were nearly $ 24bn.

Over a 30 month period Maersk Line improved their Net Promoter score from -10 to +30. A 40 point improvement. How have they achieved this? What is their secret? In this case study we will reveal the key elements of this program and how Beyond Philosophy and the Maersk CE team worked together.

The period of strong growth in the container shipping industry between 2001 and 2006 amid globalisation and outsourcing were good years for Maersk as they acquired different companies to build a solid base globally. In addition, they invested in increased vessel capacity. With the financial crisis in 2008 bringing markets to a stand still the sector found itself with over capacity and in a vicious cycle of price competition. This was not the place the Maersk Line wanted to be and with its margins under pressure the leadership sought to differentiate as a Premium brand. With that goal in mind they needed to put in place a customer experience that will make them stand out from the competition.

Therefore in 2009 they started a Customer Initiative and engaged Beyond Philosophy to help guide them, work with their CE team and provide a series of tools and techniques to help them implement a new Customer Experience in the shortest and most effective timescales. In this case study you will learn the key steps Maersk Line took…

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