Colin Shaw

The Remarkable Power of Habit to Transform Customer Behavior

by Colin Shaw on November 1, 2019

Some customer habits may be useful for your Customer Experience strategy, and some of them may not. Understanding how customers’ habits form and how to identify them is crucial for Customer Experience.

 We talked about how habits form and understanding your customers’ habits in a recent podcast. We discussed how one of the ways to view patterns is through this two-system lens, meaning the Intuitive and Rational Systems we use in our thinking. 

 You will recall that the Intuitive System is fast, automatic thinking associated with emotional reactions, and the Rational System is slow, deliberate thought related to logic. These two systems help us understand habits and habit formation. 

Colin ShawThe Remarkable Power of Habit to Transform Customer Behavior

Airbnb Gets It. Do You? Learn About The Airbnb Way

by Colin Shaw on October 25, 2019

The latest thing I am into is Airbnb. Airbnb properties have character, at least the ones that we chose. I like that when we use Airbnb, we stay places where we wouldn’t typically.

I find Airbnb fascinating because it is an organization that is disrupting the hospitality industry. I wondered what the secret was to their success. After all, let’s face it, having a business predicated on the idea that people would let strangers stay in their home sounds like a doomed venture.

However, it isn’t doomed, and quite the contrary. Per USA Today, Airbnb has more than seven million listings in 100,000 cities as of early September 2019, and they plan to go public in 2020. They also reported revenues of over one billion in the second quarter of 2019, although there is no report on the profits.

New York Times best-selling author and keynote speaker Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P. was our guest on a recent podcast to talk about the secret to Airbnb’s success. As a certified Customer Experience Professional, he helps organizations and leadership change to improve their experience for their team members and customers. He has written nine books on companies like Starbucks, Zappos, Mercedes Benz, and Ritz Carlton. His latest book, The Airbnb Way, shares their insight for successful disruption and delivering an excellent Customer Experience to your customer community.

Colin ShawAirbnb Gets It. Do You? Learn About The Airbnb Way

2 Systems That Are Essential For Successful CX

by Colin Shaw on October 18, 2019

We talk a lot about the difference between the two ways our brains think about things to make decisions, e.g., the Intuitive System and the Rational System. These two systems work together and tradeoff tasks between them.

We talked about the two systems in a recent podcast and how they interact in your customers’ minds when they are deciding to buy your product or service. If your customers are making decisions intuitively, then that’s better than customers thinking about it. However, that doesn’t mean thinking about it is wrong.

Professor Daniel Kahneman came up with the two systems and wrote a book about them called Thinking Fast and Slow. However, in his book, he calls them System 1 and System 2. We renamed them the Intuitive System and the Rational System for our book, The Intuitive Customer. 

Colin Shaw2 Systems That Are Essential For Successful CX

7 Things to Remember on the Customer Experience Journey

by Colin Shaw on October 11, 2019

I complain a lot about companies that get Customer Experience wrong. Today, I am going to take another angle and explore how one company has taken on the Customer Experience journey and gets it right.

RICOH Canada has done some incredible work in improving Customer Experience. They increased their Net Promoter Score® (NPS) by 34 points over 30 months and enjoyed a ten percent increase in sales. Since this initial 30-month period and increase in NPS, their score has climbed another 15 points—and they are not done yet.

Glenn Laverty, President, and CEO of RICOH Canada, and SVP Strategy RICOH North America was our guest on a recent podcast, and he explained why and how they did it. He also explains what new challenges they have today and how they are going to address them. Finally, he shares with companies that are just getting started what he learned in RICOH Canada’s Customer Experience journey.

Colin Shaw7 Things to Remember on the Customer Experience Journey

The Fundamentals Of Effective Marketing Communications

by Colin Shaw on October 4, 2019

Some people confuse marketing and advertising. Many people think they are the same thing. They are not, but advertising and its related communication is a crucial part of what marketing does.

Advertising is where your organization communicates with the customer. It is where you make your brand promise, aka your value proposition. It is also where you begin to set customers’ expectations for your Customer Experience.

We talked about advertising and communication in a recent podcast. We discussed the fundamental principles for making advertising and communication work and what makes them useful. We also discuss how you can get it wrong—or at least wrong for your bottom line.

Colin ShawThe Fundamentals Of Effective Marketing Communications

Any Press Is Good Press, Right?

by Colin Shaw on September 26, 2019

Well…It depends!

When I started Beyond Philosophy back in 2002, nobody knew us. I implemented a strategy based on one of Oscar Wilde’s phrases. Wilde said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” We put loads of material out there to ensure we were “talked about.”

We discussed marketing efforts in our latest podcast. One of the things that came up was the question, when marketing an idea or organization, is any press good press?

In other words, is it better that people are talking about you even if they are saying negative things rather than not talking about you at all? It is a difficult question. My answer is it depends on how bad it is.

Colin ShawAny Press Is Good Press, Right?