WIRED’s Chris Anderson & Malcolm Gladwell go head-to-head!!!

I enjoyed reading about the continuing debate between Chris Anderson, author of FREE, and Malcolm Gladwell over the development of the Freemium economy.

“Anderson argues for the idea of freemium, where the few subsidize the many. In addition to ad-supported free content, Anderson argued that a free content economy will create an opportunity to sell more premium content direct to consumers, as promoted by free slices of that content.

Gladwell argued that it was not the concept of free that expanded content options as Anderson argued, but consumers paying for premium content and the rise of things like cable TV.”

How do you think offering freemium services affects the customer experience?

Have a look at the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

First read on the Nielsen blog

By COLIN SHAW | Published: JULY 30, 2010