The Walkie-Talkie Model of Customer Experience named a ‘must read’

Author: Qaalfa Dibeehi and Zhecho Dobrev

As thought leaders in the Customer Experience sphere, we at Beyond Philosophy pride ourselves on writing key think-pieces for the industry.

We have recently had an article entitled ‘The Walkie-Talkie Model of Customer Experience’ published in Loyalty Magazine, where we were lucky enough to be featured as a “must read”.

A short excerpt is below:

It is most unfortunate that some people have misunderstood customer experience to be a “happy-clappy” endeavour. They see customer experience as a method to make customers happy. The raison d’être for customer experience is to deliver an experience that motivates customers to act in a way that is valuable to business. When you think about it, the customer behaviour any business is interested in can be broken down quite simply along two dimensions: Positive/ Negative and Walk/ Talk. Given this, it is possible to build a simple model based on customer behaviour that can be used to build an easy to understand business case for addressing bad customer experience – the Walkie-Talkie Model. The point of this model is that it provides any organisation with a simple structure to gauge the cost of not focusing on their customers’ experience. Often times, the most obvious things need a bit of structure to help align thinking.

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By QAALFA DIBEEHI | Published: FEBRUARY 1, 2011