Lush cosmetics consistently shows what it means to have a deliberate customer experience

by Colin Shaw on September 14, 2012

Lush Cosmetics

I am often asked who delivers the best customer experience. This is an impossible question as the real answer is determined in the collective minds of the target audience customer. However, I am sure all of us who think about customer experience day in and day out will have one or personal favourites that are consistently at the top of our personal lists. Well, Lush is always at or near the top of my list. There is much to say about the Lush in-store customer experience but I recently ran across an Emotional Brilliance game on their website. It really is brilliant. Why is this great?

  • It is consistent with the Lush customer experience. It does not feel like an out of place gimmick.
  • It shows how lush connects and understands the power of the emotional experience.
  • Importantly, they also highlight the subconscious experience, brilliant.
  • Of course, it all leads to some product suggestions. These are informative, just as I would expect of a Lush experience. You get useful product usage tips as well as their ingredients.

You may not be in the target audience of Lush but if you have been to Lush you will recognise the Lush experience stamp on the site. Check it out for yourself.

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Colin ShawLush cosmetics consistently shows what it means to have a deliberate customer experience

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