The importance of Trust in the Customer Experience!!!

Author: Colin Shaw

Trust is one of the key factors in a great customer experience.

Can your customers trust your organisation? Can they trust you that you won’t rip them off? Can they trust you to deliver the service you promise?

How is this trust established? Either from third party recommendations, personal past experience or even the first time dealings with the organisation. All three of these contexts are as important as each other in establishing trust and ensuring a future relationship between two parties. I came across this blog post from advertising legend Dave Trott who tells the story of an old man and a plumber, and how the same moral transpired with another advertising legend Nigel Bogle and his business.

Have a read, its a great story of building trust with customers, whether they are buying business from you now or in the future.

The Plumber and Nigel Bogle by Dave Trott

Flickr photo couresty of MoToMo

By COLIN SHAW | Published: DECEMBER 21, 2010