Facebook second worst in online satisfaction survey

by Colin Shaw on July 28, 2010

Facebook second worst in online satisfaction survey !!!

Author: Colin Shaw

The world’s largest social network isn’t keeping everyone satisfied.

Facebook received only 64 out of 100 in the recent publication of the 2010 American Customer Survey Index [conducted by ForeSee Results]. This was just one point ahead of befallen competitor Myspace. Despite the recent successful news about reaching the 500 million member mark, Facebook continues to suffer bad press – ranging from the continuing issues surrounding user privacy, or CEO Mark Zuckerbergs nervous demeanor during interviews to the negative sentiment expressed from the company around the upcoming release of the movie The Social Network.

It’s an interesting result considering Facebook is merely a platform to be social online with your friends, and any negative sentiment around the experience would be about the platform itself, rather than the interaction with the content (your friends).

What’s your customer experience of Facebook, or other social networks? If you were in Zuckerbergs position, how would you improve their customer experience?

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By COLIN SHAW | Published: JULY 28, 2010

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Colin ShawFacebook second worst in online satisfaction survey

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