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What is Customer Service Management?


Customer Service is providing backup to customers. Typically, there is aWhat is Customer Service Management Customer Service department, a manager, and, in less enlightened organizations, some mantra that includes some version of “the customer is always right.” This lacks the comprehensive definition needed when describing a Customer Experience.

Customer Experience is NOT the Same!


Many people are confused between the difference. It’s understandable; they start with the same word after all. The difference starts when you consider the scope of the definition of Customer Service vs. Customer Experience.

A Customer Experience is a much more holistic thing. CX includes not only the backup provided to customers but also the way the organization handles the customer on the phone or through its website or mobile experience. However, it starts earlier than that, with the brand promise and how the advertisement sounds and where it appears. CX includes how a customer feels entering and exiting the customer  interaction, the moment when a customer uses the product or service, and even the way they feel when they remember the experience. In short, it’s everything.

Customer Service Excellence is an integral part of the overall experience, butcustomer service excellence too few organizations take the time to train their customer-facing employees properly to deliver it. Customer experience training in the soft-skills needed to produce a higher level of satisfaction is a critical element missing from too many Customer Experience strategies.

In our global Customer Experience Consultancy, we work to help provide this missing link for Customer Service Training. From Front-Line Managers to Customer-Facing Employees to Call Center employees, any member of your team can benefit from programs that can help them deliver Customer Service excellence consistently. Our proprietary programs, like our Memory-Maker Training, use the principles of behavioral economics, which is the study of how psychology influences our thinking during buying decisions, and are designed to take your Customer Experience to the next level.

Learn how Customer Service Training, like our Memory-Maker Training, can elevate your Customer Experience

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