Customer Experience Tips: How to deal with negative feedback in Social Media…

Entering into the world of Social Media can be a bit like opening Pandora’s box – there’s a lot of great things that can happen, but you may also encounter some negative feedback.


Knowing how to deal with this effectively can define your reputation throughout the online world, and if handled badly, could cross over into some real world negative press. Mashable has posted a great summary that you should keep to hand in the event of any negative feedback. The key thing to remember when considering your plan of action with social media is that, it isn’t just your friends, followers or customers who will read or find out how you behave online; it’s everyone. Social Media is a publishing platform for conversation, and everyone can overhear it. Keep this in mind when defining and crafting your Customer Experience for the social media space.



By Colin Shaw | Published: March 12, 2010