Customer Experience Statistics to take into 2011

by Colin Shaw on December 22, 2010

Author: Colin Shaw

On the lookout for some key statistics to help build your case for the importance of the customer experience in your organisation?

Well, Andy Hanselman has doen a great job rounding up 25 key customer experience statistics from a variety of sources. There are a number of statistics documenting what we all know, a bad experience leads to a decline in your customer base. One of the statistics that did catch my eye was on a brilliant experience, or one that exceeded expectations:

3. UK customers feel ‘Customer Service Experiences Generally….’

Exceed Expectations – 2%

According to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer only 2% of customers feel their experiences generally exceed expectations! Think of the opportunity you have against your competitors to offer an experience that completely blos your customers expectations!

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By COLIN SHAW | Published: DECEMBER 22, 2010

Colin ShawCustomer Experience Statistics to take into 2011