Shep Hyken

Seven Ways to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media

by Shep Hyken on September 7, 2015

Social Media can level the playing field. It’s the equalizer between small and big businesses. Even solo entrepreneurial businesses can create a global presence using social media. With a strong website, optimized with the right words and phrases, a small business can make a big presence.

Another benefit to social media is cost. Actually it’s the lack of cost. You don’t need to pay for advertising in newspapers or billboards. You don’t need to hire a media company to buy airtime on radio and television. No, you just need to exploit the free or low cost opportunities that social media provides. And, of course you have to create the content and information that you post.

Here are just a few powerful ways that any company can use social media to engage with their customers:

Shep HykenSeven Ways to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media