Telling stories through your customer experience…..

Author: Colin Shaw


Every touchpoint of your organisation, service and brand is an opportunity to tell a story.

The story you choose to tell your customers is just as important as your customer experience – in fact, the two often come hand in hand. Seth Godin gives a great example on his blog of the brand story told on a bottle of soap – yes, even a bottle of soap is an opportunity to tell a story. Seth goes on to say:

“Let’s assume the people buying it aren’t stupid. What are they paying [the additional] $17 for? A story. A feeling. A souvenir of a shopping expedition or perhaps just a little bit of joy in the shower every morning.”

A customer experience doesn’t have to just be the store experience, a phone call or the consumer journey online. A customer experience and the story you tell can start from a billboard or a store receipt.



By Colin Shaw | Published: May 14, 2010