Social Media usage dominates Americans online time in 2010!!!

Author: Colin Shaw

Social Media usage dominates Americans online time in 2010

A continuing theme of the blog last year was to pinpoint some key statistics to show the growth of social media. Hopefully this will slow down in 2011 as there is less of a need to ‘bang the drum’ in support of the rise of social media. Enough big organisations have shown proven success in improving their customer experience through using social media. The infographic above is a great visual dissection of the average Americans online behaviour.

Think how your organisations service fits into the behaviours above. What are your organizations customer touch points? Where can you deliver an outstaning customer experience?

If you’re looking for some more in-depth stats then check out Jeff Bullas’ post on Latest Research Reveals Social Media Usage Up 43%.

By COLIN SHAW | Published: JANUARY 18, 2011