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Is This The Future? Great Practical Examples of the Beginning of the Metaverse

By now, you have probably heard of the metaverse. If you haven’t, describes the metaverse as a digital universe that users access through virtual reality (VR). This metaverse concept is poised to change everything, from how we interact online to how we buy things to the way brands market themselves. 

We hosted an expert on a recent podcast to tell us how the metaverse will change brand marketing. Dobrian Dobrev (@DobrianDobrev) is a User Experience Designer, a speaker at UX conferences, and author on UX Design and Information Architecture. He has been working with Coca-Cola on their use of the beginnings of the metaverse. Coke has been doing some exciting things with immersive technologies, including VR and augmented reality (AR), which Dobrev explains to us all. 

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