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The Future Customer Experience today – New research!

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  • What is the future of CX?
  • How can you start to do this today?
  • What can you learn from new research with leading organizations around the world?
  • What are the practical steps?
  • Who better to talk you through this than Colin Shaw, recognised by others, as one of the world’s top thought leaders on the subject. Colin will outline where the future of CX lays, understanding Customer behavior at a deep level. Revealing for the first time new research undertaken since the launch of his new book, The Intuitive Customer, co-author by Professor Ryan Hamilton.
    Colin will talk about Customer behavior, behavioral economics and the practical implementation of both.

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  1. What the future of CX and how you can do this today
  2. How are organizations doing against this – new research
  3. What is behavioural economics and how it links with CX
  4. What is the learning from this new research
  5. What you need to do to improve
Werner KwiatkowskiThe Future Customer Experience today – New research!