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Is Employee Experience just a Fad or is it really the Future of Work?

You must focus on your employees if you want a great experience that delivers service excellence. Unfortunately, that isn’t my concept. I got it from a book I read twenty-five years ago called The Service Profit Chain: How Leading Companies Link Profit and Growth to Loyalty, Satisfaction, and Value by James L. Heskett, Earl Sasser, Jr., and Leonard Schlesinger. However, today, this concept is essential and might be what saves your experience at a time when experiences need saving.

I was thinking about this because one of our listeners, Praveen Kumar, is in a pickle about his employee experience. He wants to know if employee experience is a fad and, if not, how one should build a great employee experience. I guess many of you have the same problem, so I decided to share what we told him on a recent podcast here, too.

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