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Do You Really Understand Your Customer’s Hidden Motivation? Here’s How to Do This…


Customer emotions heavily influence experiences and motivate actions, yet these motivations are often hidden, even from the customers. Organizations must uncover these hidden motivations to serve their customers better. The “Jobs to Be Done” framework, popularized by Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School, provides a lens through which to view customer motivations.

Eckhart Boehme, Founder and Managing Director of Unipro Solutions, emphasizes the importance of aligning customer experiences around the idea of jobs to be done, helping organizations grow faster by understanding what customers seek to achieve through their products or services.

The Jobs to Be Done framework shifts focus from product features to customer motivations, urging businesses to understand the underlying needs driving customer behavior. It prompts companies to ask what customers are buying and why they are buying it.

Boehme also introduces the Wheel of Progress, a tool designed to help organizations understand customer journeys and progress through four phases: awareness, expectations, experience, and tradeoffs. This tool facilitates collaboration and strategy formation based on meaningful data.

This episode explores why understanding customer motivations is essential for effective marketing and product design. While uncovering these motivations may not be intuitive, it is a worthwhile endeavor that can lead to powerful insights and better decision-making.

Here are five other things you will learn in this podcast:

  • The significant influence of customer emotions on experiences and actions.
  • The importance of uncovering hidden customer motivations for effective business strategies.
  • How the “Jobs to Be Done” framework provides a valuable perspective on understanding customer needs and motivations.
  • The role of tools like the Wheel of Progress in visualizing and understanding customer journeys.
  • Research and analysis are necessary to uncover customer motivations and make informed business decisions.

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