Memory Maker

We’ve Identified Two Common Problems with most organization’s Customer facing training today

There are two main problems with most organization’s Customer facing training today.

1. Despite the fact that emotions account for over 50% of the Customer Experience very little soft skill training is provided for front line teams. This training is very basic in nature and inadequate for today’s environment.

2. We know that Customer loyalty is a function of memory. Therefore providing memorable, emotionally engaging experiences is key to gaining loyal Customers. Very little training is targeted at evoking specific emotions that drive the most $$$.

Our Solution

Our ‘Memory Maker’ training is psychologically designed to create those memories in everyday experiences. We train your customer facing teams to understand how to recognize the emotions that customers are feeling when entering your experience and give them the skills to convert how the Customer is feeling into specific emotions that drive $$ value for you. They do this by recognizing and interrupting Customer’s verbal and non-verbal communications and then use this information to evoke deliberate emotions.   These courses are either face-to-face or online and are targeted at Customer facing teams in Retail, Call Centers, Sales, etc. We can provide either generic training or customized training to meet your needs.

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