Customer Experience Mapping

What is Customer Experience Mapping?

The True Definition of Customer Experience Mapping

Customer Experience Mapping is a vital tool to discover what your customers want and is essential to any organization. However, the most prominent mapping, called journey mapping, doesn’t address the entire Customer Experience. It addresses the flow of the Customer and the rational, physical parts of it, but it leaves out how those emotions make a customer feel—and in many ways that is the most important part.

Accurate Experience Mapping Must Include the Emotions of the Journey


  • We have long held that the interaction many organizations consider the entire Customer Experience, the rational side, are only a part of the overall experience. The remaining parts include the emotional, subconscious, and psychological reactions a customer has to our experience that influences how they feel about your Customer Experience.
  • When you leave these essentials out of your experience mapping, you leave these significant influences unaddressed and up to chance. Not only that, you miss out on the best opportunity to engage emotionally with your customers, an effort that is proven to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Customer Experience Mapping That Gets the Job Done


In our global Customer Experience Consultancy, we emphasize the importance of a comprehensive Customer Experience Mapping exercise, called Behavioral Journey Mapping. Our experience mapping includes the emotional journey seen from the customer’s point of view along with the step-by-step interaction that occurs. Designed to take traditional journey mapping to the next level, our Customer Experience Mapping finds the particular moments of your experience that evoke specific emotions and analyzes why. We also include the genuine start of the Customer Experience, which is long before they buy your product or call customer service. Not only that, we take it through to the end, which is long after they hang up, log off, or exit the brick and mortar location.

By looking from the outside-in, as if you were a customer, it provides the insight you need to understand the the conscious, subconscious, and psychological parts of the Customer Experience you currently provide. Our Customer Experience Mapping makes every effort to include a robust analysis of the all the parts of an experience so you have a complete understanding what you customers want.

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