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On Demand: Secrets of Customer Decision Making

Course Cost: $75


Professor Ryan Hamilton, Emory University
Colin Shaw

Seven Imperatives for moving your Customer Experience to the next level.
Based on the best-selling book: The Intuitive Customer.


How do Customers make decisions? How can we design a great Customer experience using some of the new principles of the new science of Behavioral economics.

In this series of 3 one hour training videos, you will be trained by two of the leading minds in CX and authors of the new book “The Intuitive Customer”.

The authors, Colin Shaw, recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world’s top 150 business top influencers and Professor Ryan Hamilton, voted “one of the world’s best Business School professors under 40” will tell you the Secrets of Customer decision making through the 7 Imperatives to move your Customer Experience to the next level. You can now listen to their wisdom.

Shaw & Hamilton will reveal how, by embracing behavioral economics and focusing on the emotional, subconscious and psychological experience, you can dramatically improve your CX and ROI. They will discuss case studies of organizations who have improved their Net Promoter Scores® by 40 points in 30 months, and grown revenues by 10%. They will explain the practical steps needed to achieve this.



What other people say…
“Just as you thought you had done all you can to improve your customer experience, Shaw and Hamilton show us the path for taking your organization to the next level of customer experience with the Intuitive Customer.”
Howard Zonder, SVP, Marketing and Audience Development, UBM


“Shaw and Hamilton have taken on the complicated subject of behavioral economics and translated it seamlessly into an important practical guide for Customer Experience management.”
Uma Karmarkar, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.


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  1. How Customers make decisions?
  2. Why organizations are struggling to improve their Customer Experience?
  3. To understand how Behavioral Economics affects the Customer Experience.
  4. How to predict Customer behavior.
  5. Why every Customer has two ways of thinking and it’s implications.
  6. Why Customers don’t always know why they do what they do.
  7. How habits drive many of your Customers’ decisions.
  8. How people use mental shortcuts for decision-making.
  9. How Customer loyalty is a function of memory.
  10. The tools and techniques you can use to improve your experience.

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