Aviva Insurance Case Study

How To Improve Customer Experience

In this nine-part video series on how to improve customer how to improve customer experience - Aviva cse studyexperienceAviva case study experience, Darren Cornish, VP of Customer Experience for Aviva, is interviewed by Colin Shaw about how they improved on their customer experience that started with engaging the senior team in a company wide initiative.

How To Improve Customer Experience Using Customer Mirrors


In this case study on how to improve customer experience and how using the Customer Mirror exercise we were able to see from a customer’s perspective how the complete process performed overall from start to finish when customers proceeded with auto claims and property claims.

These tasks included a fictional character that was a victim of flooding at their property and a character that purchased an auto insurance policy, crashed the car and made an insurance claim.

To help us asses on how to improve customer experience Beyond Philosophy used all the information gathered from the Customer Mirror process to develop a series of strategic recommendations and then presented them to Aviva’s management team.

This time, simplification was the answer on how to improve customer experience for the team at Aviva Insurance.


Watch the Full Interview on How to Improve Customer Experience with Colin Shaw and Darren Cornish

Clip #1: How to Start an Initiative to Improve Your Customer Experience

Clip #2: How Do You Get the Senior Executives to Engage With Improving the Customer Experience?

Clip #3: Showing the Financial Return on Improving Your Customer Experience

Clip #4: Flooding an Apartment to Show the Real Customer Experience

Clip #5: What did you Learn From Flooding the Apartment?

Clip #6: Writing an Internal Blog to Engage Employees and Senior Employees

Clip #7: How to Differentiate Yourself by Providing an Emotionally Engaging Customer Experience

Clip #8: What I Have Learned Are the Key Factors for Running a Successful Customer Experience Initiative

Clip #9: Working With One of the Pioneers of Customer Experience

Colin ShawHow Aviva Improved their Customer Experience