Customer Mirrors

Analyze the Experience of Your Customers

``What do we need to change? What are the quick wins?``

Our Customer Mirrors approach to customer research begins and ends with the customer. Our experts will participate in your experience as a customer and with their trained eye identify the rational, subconscious and emotional experience your organization provides. We record all these experiences using video of in-person interactions and audio of calls with call centers, tying it all together.

The Customer Mirrors service outlines the most valuable parts of the customer experience and guides you through it as he or she actually experiences interactions with your organization moment-by-moment. It helps you foster a customer-centric culture within your company because it vividly demonstrates the clear-cut advantages of customer experience as a business strategy.

A Case Study: Customer Mirrors Provides Real Insight to Improve Experience

In one case, an insurance company asked us to review their claims experience. They provided us with a car for which we bought an insurance policy. Then, we crashed the car (safely) and went through the entire claims process.

The client learned so much about their experience that they wanted more. The same company asked us to flood an apartment and mirror that claims experience. Both of these mirrors helped our client see the difference between the brand promise that they make with their marketing and the actual customer experience that is delivered by the organization.

Customer Mirrors Helps Organizations in the Following Ways

  • Identifies the root causes of poor customer experience
  • Provides practical recommendations
  • Demonstrates the evidence to support change in your organization
  • Generates an excellent tool to train employees
  • Benchmarks the competition
  • Proves a way to increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Highlights where costs can be saved
  • Provides a series for recommendations for improvement
Colin ShawCustomer Mirrors