Shocking! Telecoms Fail Again!

by Colin Shaw on September 28, 2017

After Hurricane Irma’s recent march through Florida, millions of people lost internet, phone and cell phone service. Frustrated by an inability to contact loved ones, conduct business and get news, they looked for answers from their cable, cell phone and internet providers.

Well, they didn’t get much. “I wish they would tell us what was going on,” complained one AT&T UVerse customer. An Orlando-area gas station owner said he had lost about $10,000 in business because without internet, he could only handle cash transactions. When he called his provider, Spectrum, he was told that the best way to reach the carrier was via the internet! That’s an outrageous thing to say to someone who’s internet service isn’t working.

Colin ShawShocking! Telecoms Fail Again!

Be Warned: You Can’t Rely On Big Data!

by Colin Shaw on September 26, 2017

I’ve been reading about Big Data’s foray into “Journey Analytics.” Journey analyticsseeks to improve customer experience by collecting data at each point on a customer’s journey and mapping customers’ paths – whether they lead to a purchase or not. The idea is that when you know the steps your customers take in their interactions with you, you can design a better customer experience.

The concept of a customer’s journey is nothing new – we have been offering journey mapping in our customer experience consultancy for years. And linking data points throughout a journey is a step in the right direction.

Colin ShawBe Warned: You Can’t Rely On Big Data!

Unbelievable: Latest Airline Fiasco!

by Colin Shaw on September 21, 2017

RyanAir, Europe’s largest airline, in my view are the epitome of a poor Customer Experience. Over the last few days, they have proven this yet again as the airline has begun cancelling hundreds of flights. Hapless travelers are stranded in far-flung cities or stuck at home when they expected to be on holiday.

Ryanair announced last Friday that it would cancel 40-50 flights per day for the next six weeks. Why? Apparently they miscalculated pilots and had to clear a backlog of staff leave by the end of the year.  They also stated they were trying to address the “unacceptable” concern that its punctuality had fallen below 80% in the first half of this month.

Colin ShawUnbelievable: Latest Airline Fiasco!

We May All Be Different BUT We Are All Irrational!

by Colin Shaw on September 19, 2017

Asking strategic questions helps you understand your Customer Experience (CX), determine a focus for your efforts, and deliver a successful CX outcome. However, one question is the most vital to success with your CX strategy, and it isn’t about them; it’s about you. Forget to ask it, and you can forget about delivering on your CX objectives.

The question is this: How much do you embrace customer irrationality?

Colin ShawWe May All Be Different BUT We Are All Irrational!

Revealed: Why We Don’t Like Extremes

by Colin Shaw on September 14, 2017

When you are making decisions, you carefully consider all the facts and factors that present in a logical and orderly process, right? Not so fast. You rarely make decisions this way—and neither do your customers.

The truth is that psychological principles often influence the decision-making process; you might even say take over. But don’t feel bad that you didn’t know. They happen without your conscious awareness of them.

Colin ShawRevealed: Why We Don’t Like Extremes

Be Honest: Are You Communicating Effectively?

by Colin Shaw on September 12, 2017

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, whether it’s between individuals, informal groups, within companies, between leaders and the people they govern, and, of course, between companies and their customers. We’ve all seen what can go wrong when communication breaks down – anything from divorce to declarations of war; but in a business context, what does it mean?

Colin ShawBe Honest: Are You Communicating Effectively?