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Home 5 The Intuitive Customer Podcast - CX Podcasts 5 The Secret of Creating Loyal Customers
The Secret of Creating Loyal Customers
Home 5 The Intuitive Customer Podcast - CX Podcasts 5 The Secret of Creating Loyal Customers
The Secret of Creating Loyal Customers

I have a few things that drive me crazy in the business world. In this episode of The Intuitive Customer, we are going to talk about how organizations often define loyalty, and why I think they have it all wrong.

It makes me upset when I think about it. Many, if not most, companies believe that when a customer gives you all their business, it means they are a loyal customer. After all, isn’t that what we all want, all the business our customers have to give? If they are giving it to us, then they must be loyal right?

Not so fast.. A customer giving you all their business doesn’t always mean they are loyal customers. It could be because they have a habit of buying from you, or it could mean they haven’t bothered to seek out an alternative. It might also be that they have no other choice, but as soon as they do, they will leave and take all that business with them. (I’m talking to you, Internet Service Providers.)

Customer Loyalty is more than an automatic, indifferent, or begrudging action. It is an emotional connection with a brand. Customer Loyalty is hard to earn but also hard to lose.

However, it can be lost, so don’t rest on your laurels.

When you think about who you are loyal to, you likely think of family and friends. That’s because you have a relationship with them. Over time, you have had a consistent and positive interaction with these people, and you share an emotional bond because of it.

Sometimes friends and families disappoint you though, don’t they? However, you don’t cut ties over it. With time and communication, most families work it out. Many friendships endure despite quarrels or disagreements, too. Again, that is because of the history and the emotional tie that you share with these people.

When you have loyal customers, you have a relationship with them, too. It is built through your consistent positive actions. Also, when you make a mistake or do something they don’t like, they don’t cut ties with you over it. Why? Customer Loyalty is an emotional bond with your company, and it persists over time and troubles.

One thing is certain about Customer Loyalty; it is the result of what you do in your Customer Experience. We examine what Customer Loyalty is, why it works that way, and, perhaps most importantly, how it benefits your relationship with them and all that business of theirs you would like to have.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about The Secret of Creating Loyal Customers with your Customer Experience.


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