How to Market Yourself

by podcast on November 20, 2019

Marketing Yourself

We usually talk about how you should use the principles of brand management to deliver excellent Customer Experience. However, brand management is an essential part of your job search, as well.

In other words, marketing your Customer Experience has given you everything you need to know about selling yourself. Moreover, it has taught you all you need to know about improving your experience as a person.

podcastHow to Market Yourself

Tribalism: Are You In with The In-Crowd

by podcast on November 16, 2019

Tribalism: Are You In with The In-Crowd?

As humans, the need to belong is essential to us. Most of us have a deep need to feel we are part of a broader community that shares our values and interests. In other words, we need to find our tribe.

Tribes are connections between people that form communities, which can be formal or informal. Sometimes tribes are associated with where you were born and from whom, which are the formal types of tribes. However, they can also be the result of where you shop, what you drive, or which device you prefer to watch your cat videos on. The latter is the informal type—and a significant asset to your marketing strategy.

podcastTribalism: Are You In with The In-Crowd

What Affects Customers Perception of Price?

by podcast on November 9, 2019

People know an expensive brand when they see one. They also can spot a discount retailer at fifteen paces.

So, why do they get it wrong so often?

They get it wrong because of a concept called Price Image.

Price Image is a concept that describes how people form impressions about whether your brand is high- or low-priced based on many non-price indicators. These ideas have a lot of influence on customer behavior. However, the Price Image is different from actual prices. Instead, Price Image is more like your reputation for prices; it would be how your customers describe your prices when you are not around. Another way to look at it is Price Image is where your price and brand intersect.

podcastWhat Affects Customers Perception of Price?

Are We Talking Ourselves Into A Recession?

by podcast on November 2, 2019

Are We Talking Ourselves Into a Recession

You hear it all the time on financial media. “Consumer Confidence is low.” It describes how people think that something terrible is going to happen to the economy, and it affects their spending behavior.

Confidence is a feeling, not a fact or a physical item. However, this emotional reaction has serious implications on the economy, as well as your bottom line.

Not only is consumer confidence an emotional concept, but it is also contagious. Sometimes having it makes other people have it, too. Other times not having it makes people lose theirs also.

podcastAre We Talking Ourselves Into A Recession?

The Secret of Measuring Customer Emotions

by podcast on October 26, 2019

Unless you serve robots exclusively, your customers are humans. Human feelings influence our actions and drive customer behavior. Therefore, you must design a Customer Experience that makes your customers feel a way that drives value for your organization.

In our global Customer Experience consultancy, we have said for nearly 20 years that customer’s emotions account for over half of the outcome in any Customer Experience. At first, people thought we were crazy, but now, many organizations understand the significance of emotions in their Customer Experiences.

podcastThe Secret of Measuring Customer Emotions

Insights to understanding Customer Habits

by podcast on October 23, 2019

Understanding Customer Habits: A Practical Guide

Habits can be excellent or terrible for your Customer Experience. When it is the customer’s habit to buy from you, then there is not a problem. However, when it goes the other way, well, let’s just say some habits are meant to be broken.

Understanding what habits are and how they work is vital to your Customer Experience. When you understand customers’ habits, how they form and how they are governed by the mind, you have a much better chance of making those crucial changes in customer behavior to become their habitual brand.

So, what are habits? Habits are automatic behavior for a repetitive action that is triggered by a cue.

podcastInsights to understanding Customer Habits