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Unleashing the Power of AI vs. Human Touch: Which Delivers a Superior Customer Experience?

Unleashing the Power of AI vs. Human Touch: Which Delivers a Superior Customer Experience?


I often say, “None of us are as clever as all of us.” However, sayings are more useful when they can spur action. So, we have a proposition for you:

If you have something you want to say about experiences or technology, statistics, or reports, feel free to share them via video. To learn more, click here.


To that end, Tom Martin, CEO at Glance, has submitted one about AI. 


Tom makes an excellent point. As we develop AI into our systems, we will need to determine what AI will replace, what it will augment, and what it will add.


AI presents opportunities to shift some routine tasks from human employees to virtual ones. However, shifting of tasks should mean reducing head count. Instead, AI should be a way to help employees pay more attention to the needs of customers. 


Moreover, we should be realistic about the power of AI. It isn’t magic; it can’t solve all our problems. What it can do is be a powerful tool that we can leverage and develop over time. 


We have been here before, too. I had a system that was going to be the best thing that ever happened to my organization 20 years ago. That was the fantasy. The reality was quite different.


And let’s not forget the internet. It took years for it to be what it is today. AI will likely follow a similar path. 


In this episode we explore the points made by Tom in his video along with our take on AI and Customer Experiences. Perhaps most importantly, we implore organizations to remember that AI doesn’t replace your employees; it enhances what they can do for customers. 


Here are some other key moments in the discussion:


  • 04:28  We listen to Tom’s video and why he thinks leading with humans creates a better AI strategy. 

  • 09:48  Both Ryan and Colin share their thoughts about AI and the next frontier of business, including Colin’s frustrations with the phrase, “high call volumes at the moment.”

  • 18:10  Colin shares a story about a new system implementation program that didn’t live up to his hopes and dreams for it 20 years ago, and how that applies to organization implementation with AI.      

  • 20:23  Ryan explains the Hype Cycle and how it applies to the implementation and adoption of AI. 

  • 26:50  We both share out thoughts about the future of AI in organization and what you should take away from the discussion.


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