How Choice Architecture Can Revolutionize Your Experience

by podcast on July 13, 2019

Choice architecture is a significant factor in buying decisions you make every day. From how they stock the buffet line to how likely you are to donate your organs after you die, the psychology of choice is influencing your decisions every day.

In this episode of The Intuitive Customer, we explore the concept of Choice Architecture and how it affects our daily lives. We also discuss the different variables that you need to consider in the way you present your choices to customers as part of your CX Strategy.

It all started with a new public bench. You see, I live in Sarasota, Florida. and recently, there have been some interesting changes to the public benches. Halfway along the seat, there are armrests.

At first I thought, “Well, that will be more comfortable to sit in for sure.” Then, I realized that the armrests were not there for my comfort, but instead to convince the homeless who sleep on the benches sometimes to find a more comfortable spot for their repose.

The armrests on the public benches are a type of Choice Architecture design. Choice Architecture is the way you present options to people who are making a decision to influence the outcome. By changing the way Sarasota presents their benches, they influence the decisions of their citizens.

Obviously, this situation is different than how you would use Choice Architecture in your Customer Experience. That said, the way you present your options can either draw people in and build a relationship with customers, or it can repel them and send them looking for a more comfortable spot.

Choice Architecture manifests in many different ways. It can be something physical like the armrest in the bench or it can be wording that is used on the packaging. It can be the way you price items or even the sizes you package and what you name them.

Choice Architecture is part of many of the decisions you make each day. Consider the following:

  • When you order a drink at the restaurant, do you calculate the cost per ounce and choose the best value or do you just order the medium and call it a day?
  • When you go to a buffet, do you discover that you loaded your plate with chips and bread and now don’t have room for the prime rib that you found at the end of the line?
  • Is there ever a time besides a movie theatre when you would buy more popcorn than you could ever eat for $15?

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podcastHow Choice Architecture Can Revolutionize Your Experience