Emotional Signature

How Well Are You Emotionally Engaging Your Customers?

Our research shows that all organizations have an Emotional Signature ®, which is a level of emotional engagement with their customers. These emotions manifest themselves in every part and touch point of a customer experience, from branding efforts to the long after the interaction is complete.

We can help you analyze your current level of emotional engagement with your customers and help you build a strategy to create the Emotional Signature® that will drive value for your long-term goals.

How to discover what drive $$$ for you

The Emotional Signature® will help you answer all of these questions (and more):

Emotional insights will take center stage. The idea that happy customers are more likely to remain loyal, try new products and services, and spread good news about their experiences has started to catch on. Over the past several months, we’ve seen a rise in the number of companies pondering the connection between enjoyment and metrics like satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS). In fact, one global company statistically demonstrated that several emotional factors trump NPS in predicting customer loyalty, effectively dethroning “would you recommend?” as the ultimate question. As firms start to emphasize customer emotion in 2013, we expect to see more vendors developing offerings like Beyond Philosophy’s Emotional Signature, which examines the rational, subconscious, and emotional elements of an experience.

Forester2013 Predictions for the Customer Experience Industry

How We Came up with the Emotional Signature® Concept

Many organizations are reluctant to tackle the emotional side of their experience because it is difficult to measure them and assign a specific dollar value to them. In 2005, we decided to change that and take on the tasks of defining which emotions drive value and which ones destroy it.

We conducted two years of research with the London Business School and what resulted was the World’s Largest Database of Customer Emotions and Touch points, the Emotional Signature® Database. This database has been the basis of white papers, virtual presentations, training courses and our consulting process. Below is a preview of the data collected.

No. of Survey Respondents
No. of Industries Represented
No. of Countries Represented
No. of Survey Questions Answered
No. of Answers based on ``What a Customer Wants``
No. of Answers based on ``What a Customer Feels``
Attributes/Touchpoints that Drive or Destroy Value

Our research discovered there are 20 emotions that drive and destroy value in a customer experience and can statistically prove by how much.

The emotions we discovered are displayed in the Hierarchy of Emotional Value

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