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Taking your CX to the next level is no easy task

It’s a complex process of understanding your organization’s relationship with your customers. When addressed effectively, customer experience eases customer acquisition, drives customer loyalty and improves customer retention.

How does our experience compare and what drives most value ($$)?

emotional-sigV1What Drives Most Value ($$) in Your Experience:

  • Defining what drives most ROI
  • Provide a priorities list of actions
  • Compare your results against the largest database of Customer Emotions in the world.
  • Define the level of emotional engagement your Customers are feeling.

Qualitative ResearchQualitative Research:

  • How Well Does Your Company Gather and Leverage Qualitative Employee and Customer Insight?

How do we get our organization to the next level?

cx-healthcheck555Undertake a CX Health Check:

  • Review your CX initiative/program/project to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • Recommend changes to make it more effective
  • Inform you of problem and pitfalls you are likely to encounter

Moving To The Next Level:

We will assess what stage of evolution your organization has reached in your journey to improve your CX.

  • Inform you of what you need to do
  • Prioritized recommendations

How do we create an effective Customer Experience Program?

Design your CX Program: 

  • Priorities our actions
  • Identify quick wins
  • Audit risk within program
  • Ensure ROI


How do we differentiate ourselves?

cx-statementV1Develop a Customer Experience Statement: 

  • Define the experience you are trying to deliver
  • Define the emotions you are trying to evoke
  • Define the implications of this to the organization

Define the roadmap to get to the next level

  • roadmapV1Define the experience you are trying to deliver
  • Define the emotions you are trying to evoke
  • Define the implications of this to the organization

Training CX professionals on how to practice Behavioral Journey Mapping:

  • behavioral-jmapping555Design an internal training program for your organization to begin undertaking Behavioral Journey Mapping at all levels

Digital TransformationDesigning a Digital Experience:

  • Many organizations are now looking to digitally transform their organization along with their Customer Experience. This is great, but poses an opportunity and a threat.

What are the new measures?

cx-measuresDefine the new measures of your Customer Experience: 

  • Define the measures that meet the Customer Experience Statement
  • Define emotional measures

Making your positive changes permanent

memory-maker555Customer Behavior Training for Customer Facing Teams: 

  • Train your team on how to understand customer behavior
  • Train your team on understand customers verbal and nonverbal communications
  • Train your team on psychological techniques to improve your customer experience
  • Learn how to convert your customer emotions

CX Professional Training:

  • On the job training or live virtual training
  • Self-paced online training
  • Learn proven CX tools and methodologies to improve your Customer Experience

employee-engagement555Employee Engagement: 

  • Define what drives most value for your employees
  • Redesign your employee experience
  • Prioritize what to address first

cc-assessment555Customer Centricity Assessment: 

  • We will assess your organization’s Customer Centricity
  • Provide you with prioritized recommendations on what to do to improve

ongoing-consultingOngoing Consultancy Support: 

  • Act as your guide
  • Provide ongoing support, on-site or remotely
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