Employee Engagement Course

Linking Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement & Employee Ambassadorship

Employee Engagement Course



In this four-part program, we cover:

  • Rationale for employee ambassadorship concept and framework (and what connects it to, and differentiates it from, employee satisfaction and engagement)
  • Linking ambassadorship with experience optimization and a customer-centric culture
  • Real-world and granular actionability of employee ambassadorship research and training
  • Ambassadorship action and application steps
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Linking Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement & Employee Ambassadorship
Employees are a critical constituency for helping optimize customer experiences and downstream customer behavior. Just as it’s essential to build rational and emotional bonds with customers, it is equally important with employees. This program will help attendees move employees beyond business alignment and engagement, to true ambassadorship: commitment to the company, to the organization’s value proposition, and to customers.
How can companies keep a consistent customer focus and optimize business performance, which, after all, is the goal of customer centricity? Is it done with great products and product co-creation with customers? Is it through customer segmentation based on detailed profiling and interpretation? Or is it through outstanding service and original, effective marketing? Few would argue that all of these are important, of course; but, at the vast majority of companies, many of functions and activities tend to be discrete, and without strategic customer focus. And, discrete, siloed execution equals sub-optimized results. There are many was to bring all of these individual, rarely conjoined functions and capabilities into unison, so that they are more effective on behalf of both the customer and the employee. Perhaps the simplest, and arguably the most sustainable and strategically differentiated, is to have employees directly, actively involved in making this happen. Beyond employee engagement, this – what we call employee ambassadorship – is clearly a worthwhile and contemporary goal, with two key and immediate questions:
How do you make this a reality, and
How do you measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing?
Companies like Virgin, Southwest Airlines, Honeywell, Ford, NCR, ING, Sabre Holdings, Zappos, and Hewlett-Packard are creating and sustaining cultures of employee ambassadorship. Through presentations, facilitated dialogue, and hands-on individual and team exercises, this workshop will offer the insights and tools to make employee ambassadorship happen at your company.

What You Will Learn

  • How to assess, and build, the enterprise culture to focus on customer-centricity.
  • How to have a better understanding of customer life cycle, and how employees influence it.
  • How to assure that employees, at all levels, and in in all functions have a thorough understanding of what is important to customers.
  • How to align employee behavior around positive customer experiences and customer loyalty.
  • How to build processes, training, technology, reward/recognition, and organizational/cultural practices that both support employees and optimize customer experiences.
  • How to apply contemporary metrics, through employee behavior, that helps deliver superior customer value.
  • How to sustain employee ambassadorship within the enterprise.
Colin ShawEmployee Engagement Course