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Customer Experience Measurement$499

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Beyond Philosophy has been involved in developing both strategic and tactical measurement since 2002. In this course we will review the major Customer Experience measurement approaches and review their advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss how you should go about developing your measurement. We will discuss how to link your measure to remuneration and what is best practice. Finally, as over 50% of a Customer Experience is based on emotions, we will look at how you can measure your Customer emotions.

Trust is perhaps the most important factor in defining product/service value, driving emotional brand perception, strategic customer relationships, and long-term loyalty behavior. Customer experience is the point of intersection, where information received or gathered, actual interaction, with the vendor, and predisposition of future marketplace action takes place.

For any organization or group having actionable customer insights is vital.  And, with informal offline/online word-of-mouth and brand image/reputation taking center stage as decision influences (only 4% of customer trust now comes from advertising), having real-world, granular customer experience guidance supports:

  • Positioning and repositioning initiatives
  • Concept development/refinement
  • Omni-channel communication and interaction, including mobile and online community
  • Service support processes and training
  • Complaint generation and management

Today, customer experience optimization has become a focal point for enterprise investment and strategic planning.  Are you listening to your customers, and paying attention to their emotional (and functional) experience requirements?  Once you have defined you strategy your need to measure it? But how do you go about measuring Customer Experience? Beyond Philosophy has been involved in developing both strategic and tactical measurement since 2002. We will review the major measurement systems their advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss how you make sure your strategy and measurement are aligned. We will discuss how to link your measures to remuneration and what is best practice. How to measure emotions? Measuring the right things!

The content will include detailed coverage of Beyond Philosophy proprietary analytical tools, including:

  1. Customer Bonding Framework and Analysis
  2. Emotional Signature
  3. Net Emotional Value
  4. What is best Customer Experience measurement?
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of the major measures.
  6. How to implement a tactical and strategic measurement process.
  7. How to measure customer emotions.


Who should participate?

The CEM certification is designed for professionals responsible for the design and implementation of customer experience strategies in their organization, including;

  1. Any Customer Experience professional
  2. Customer experience executives
  3. Customer service professionals
  4. CRM professional Brand & Insight professionals
  5. Marketing & sales professionals
  6. Customer loyalty professionals
  7. Customer intelligence professionals

Bring your colleagues with you to the event. By attending together, you and your colleagues will build internal expertise within your organization. Each course will have a limited number of spaces available to ensure optimum interactivity, therefore these are arranged on a first come, first serve basis. Our program is a ‘client side’ course, so please note that no consultants or people providing a service to organizations are permitted to attend.

Terms And Conditions

Beyond Philosophy’s online CX training programs are designed for ‘client side’ professionals and is not designed for consultants or any role similar to this. Beyond Philosophy will make checks and reserves the right to decline the registration of individuals for whom the program is not designed. An admin charge of $ 150 will be taken for anyone whom we decline for this reason. Please check directly with us if you are in any doubt by sending an email to

Full payment must be made prior to the program and registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

If in the unlikely event a program is under-subscribed, the webinar may be cancelled. A full refund will be arranged within 30 days of the cancellation. Beyond Philosophy will not be liable for any other registrant expenses resulted from the program cancellation.

All materials obtained during the program are strictly for attendees’ educational purposes and internal use only. Beyond Philosophy owns the copyrights of the program materials and no reproduction are allowed without the prior written consent of Beyond Philosophy.

Course Outline

1Customer Experience Measurement2 Weeks
Colin ShawCustomer Experience Measurement