Memorial Hermann Hospital System

Case Study

In this case study you will learn how Houston-based Memorial Hermann Hospital (MHHS) became a beacon of patient satisfaction excellence by building and implementing a culture-shifting program focused on outstanding patient experience. Working with Beyond Philosophy MHHS fully redesigned its inpatient and outpatient Cancer, Heart & Lung and Emergency Room experiences. You will read how the hospital achieved the monumental task of building an organizational culture and mindset that continually deliver outstanding, award-winning patient satisfaction results. In addition after implementing the first phase of steps in the MHHS patient experience program, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Market share jumped from 17% to 23% within two years.
  • Projected losses through 2010, when the hospital was expected to break even, turned into profits in 2009
  • Patient satisfaction scores within the MHHS initially varied from 18% to 81%. By the end of the program, patient satisfaction scores increased by 20% on average, allowing for high-performing hospitals to rank it in the 92nd percentile.
Beyond PhilosophyMemorial Hermann Hospital System