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Every organization wants to grow. Why else would the targets go up each year? 

However, in a globally competitive market, is year-over-year growth even possible year after year? And if so, how? 

It’s quite simple. You should identify the hidden unmet needs of your customers that drive value for you, and, perhaps most importantly, that your competition doesn’t know about. 

Achieving customer-driven growth often has a significant obstacle, but it’s not what you would expect. It turns out that the hidden unmet needs we are talking about are often something your customers don’t even know they want. 

Business Growth Consultants

How can this happen?

Human behavior is complicated. The customer decision-making process is complex and is usually misunderstood by many organizations. 

At Beyond Philosophy, we understand this process and have over 18 years’ experience in understanding how to identify and satisfy customers’ hidden, unmet needs. We know that what people say they want and what they do can be very different. To figure out the difference, you have to undertake specialized research that uses advanced statistics to uncover what people really want. 

Global Business Growth ConsultantsHowever, just because people want it doesn’t mean you should give it to them. It is also vital to ensure that if you meet these unmet needs, then it will drive value for you.

Our Business growth consultants help you find the best way to sell more products and services to increase your market share, improve your customer measures to create loyalty, and increase customer acquisition and retention.

Our success in these efforts is one of the reasons why our peers and clients recommend us to the Financial Times, who have now recognized us as one of the leading consultancies for two years running. 

As business growth consultants, we have a unique methodology that identifies these hidden unmet needs. However, determining what customers really want is only the first step. Knowing what people want will not produce the results that you need.

The next step will!

Designing an experience that addresses hidden unmet needs is paramount to your success. Beyond Philosophy designs ways to address what customers really want into your current experience by either enhancing the products and services that you provide or designing your experience to address these needs. Or, if necessary, both. 

We get results for you and we know our methodology works in the real world. One of our clients, Maersk Line, the largest container shipping company in the world, increased their shipping volumes by 10% by working with us to improve their Customer Experience. Another client, Ricoh Canada, increased their printer sales by 10% in a market where printer sales were declining. 

What results for customer-driven growth can we get for you? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us to find out. 

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