The Intuitive Customer:

7 imperatives for moving your Customer Experience to the next level

The Intuitive Customer

Many organizations are witnessing their Customer measures (NPS® etc) plateau and struggle to know what to do to move their Customer Experience (CX) to the next level. To address these new problems, new thinking is needed. You need to understand the intuitions that drive your Customer’s Behavior at an emotional, subconscious and psychological level.
In essence, this is where Behavioral Economics meets Customer Experience.
Colin Shaw, Founder of Beyond Philosophy, is one of the original pioneers of CX. He has written 5 best-selling books on CX. He has been recognised by LinkedIn as one of the top 150 Business Influencers in the world with over 230,000 followers. To develop this new CX way of thinking, Colin teamed up with Professor Ryan Hamilton, voted ‘one the world’s best Business school professors under 40’. Professor Ryan teaches Consumer Psychology at Emory University, Atlanta, USA.

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The Intuitive Customer


7 imperatives for moving your Customer Experience to the next level
Written by: Colin Shaw and Ryan Hamilton
Published by: Palgrave Macmillan
Date published: 09/03/2016
Edition: 1st ed. 2016 edition
ISBN: 1137534281
Available in Ebook Hardcover

The results of this collaboration is the new thinking needed in the shape of a groundbreaking new book, “The Intuitive Customer: 7 imperatives for moving your Customer to the next level, Palgrave MacMillan, Sept 2016.
Shaw and Hamilton have distilled this wisdom down to Seven Imperatives that an organization must embrace to move their Customer Experience to the next level. With this easy and entertaining read, yours could be next organization to take a massive leap forward.
In this ground breaking book you will learn how to move your Customer Experience to the next level by embracing customers irrationality, recognizing that people are complex and often what they say and do can be very different. You will also discover the all important role that memory has in Customer Loyalty.
Shaw & Hamilton provide a series of examples, best practice and practical tools to help you move your CX to the next level. They provide examples of organizations that have embraced this approach and improved their Net Promoter Scores® by 40 points in 30 months, which has grown their revenues by 10%.
By taking academic and scientific studies of Behavioral Economics and Consumer Psychology and applying them to real-world situations, Shaw and Hamilton present accessible concepts that innovative organizations are using today to propel their Customer Experience strategies to the next level. They also share their proven methodologies and discuss how leading organizations have deployed these tools to great effect resulting in dramatic increases in customer loyalty scores and ROI.

Some of the critical concepts covered by Shaw and Hamilton include:

  • Customers make decisions emotionally.
  • Customers don’t always know why they do what they do.
  • Every Customer has two ways of thinking.
  • Habits drive many of your Customers’ decisions.
  • People use mental shortcuts for decision-making.
  • Managing your reputation is an important part of the experience.
  • Customer loyalty is a function of memory.

…and many more.

What people have said about the book:


“Shaw & Hamilton hit the nail on the head and then hand you the hammer. They show how to move your Customer Experience to the next level using what they know about the Intuitive Customer.”
Terry Cain, Vice President Global Customer Engagement, Avnet Inc.

“This is a great book. Shaw and Hamilton have taken on the complicated subject of behavioral economics and translated it seamlessly into an important practical guide for Customer Experience management.”
Uma Karmarkar, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

“Ever wonder why Customers do what they do? This book will tell you, but it goes one stage further and tells you how to take your Customer Experience to the next level.”
Dann Allen, Vice President, Retail Banking Group Customer Experience, Bank of the West

“Just as you thought you had done all you can to improve your customer experience, Shaw and Hamilton show us the path for taking your organization to the next level of customer experience with the Intuitive Customer.”
Howard Zonder, SVP, Marketing and Audience Development, UBM

“When we were looking to move our Customer Experience to the next level we engaged Colin and the team at Beyond Philosophy. Why? Because they are Thought Leaders in Customer Experience and this book reinforces why.”
Diane Lantz-Rickard. Global Brand Marketing Manager, Caterpillar Inc.

“This book chronicles how behavioral economics meets Customer Experience in an entertaining and accessible way. It reinforces my belief on why this combination is such a powerful concept to move people to the next level of customer experience.”
Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Engage Business Media

“The Intuitive Customer has been the missing link for building loyal Customers. It’s a must-read for marketers looking to understand customer behaviour in the ‘new world’ of customer experience.”
Trudi Ford-Hutchinson, Senior Customer Propositions Manager, Avios

Beyond PhilosophyThe Intuitive Customer: 7 imperatives for moving your Customer Experience to the next level