Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

How To Build Great Employee Engagement to Create a Great Customer Experience

Colin Shaw’s new eBook explores the relationship between employee engagement and customer experience.

We all know employee engagement is important but engagement doesn’t mean commitment. It doesn’t mean commitment to the vision of your company and critically, to your Customers. It also doesn’t mean that employees are your ambassadors for your brand. In just means they are engaged. In my view that is not good enough in today’s competitive world.

In this book, Happy Employees Make Happy Customers , we explore the interconnection between employee experience and the effect on building a great Customer Experience. We look at what you need to do to design a great employee experience by taking a human centered approach.

We will tell you how you should be designing your employee experience, how to hire the right people that are going to be committed to your organization and customers, how to train them and develop them to become great ambassadors. If you want to improve your employee experience and create committed employees this book is for you!

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers Ebook
Werner KwiatkowskiHappy Employees Make Happy Customers: How to build great employee engagement to create a great customer experience