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3 Common Ways Customers Make Decisions

3 Common Ways Customers Make Decisions

Colin Shaw September 4, 2015

Customer Experience (CX) is a journey, not a destination. The status quo for what makes a great CX is always changing, and soon the bar is raised, forcing everyone to take it to the next level. Depending where you are on your CX journey, you might be left behind if you aren’t constantly examining your

Valuable Lessons to Takeaway From This Common Poor Practice

Colin Shaw May 7, 2020

Do you love your cable company?  If you do, you are in the minority. People almost universally align on their distaste for their cable company. However, we do love complaining about them, or at least I know I do. Cable companies are an excellent example of what NOT to do with your experience to promote

The Four Things You Must Do to Keep Customers Talking about Your CX

Colin Shaw March 20, 2019

Today, people appreciate good Customer Experience, but not enough to talk about it a lot. What gets them talking to people about your brand is having a unique Customer Experience with moments of Innovative Service, or an Innovative Customer Experience. In other words, a good Customer Experience is important, but an Innovative Customer Experience is

What Do The Financial Times, ROI, and CX Have In Common?

Colin Shaw February 11, 2019

My company, Beyond Philosophy was named as one of the Best Management Consultancy firms in the UK by the Financial Times.  I was surprised and honored. Getting recognized from the outside feels fantastic. What’s more, this award was voted on by clients and peers. All the hard work by my team has paid off, and

How To Move Your Customers from Indifference to Recommendation

Colin Shaw August 30, 2018

Customers that recommend you to other people are the gold-standard of successful Customer Experience. How likely they are to tell their friends and family about you is measured by the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), a common metric used by organizations to evaluate their performance in Customer Experience. These customers are your most loyal and the